April 8, 2018


By William Moses

“The therapy team here is very respectful & they’re great at getting everyone to where they want to be.”

William Moses, a Master Barber, was known for his golden hands and served the Baltimore community for close to two decades. He stopped working after he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Following a hospitalization this past summer at Temple Hospital that left him non-weight bearing, he chose to stay in his hometown of Philly for rehabilitation. He arrived at Centennial in poor spirits – on oxygen and with a boot on his foot for support. Enveloped by the love and concern of our staff, he now considers himself part of the family and always has a smile on his face and a good word to share. Having undergone intensive therapy twice a day, he is now off oxygen and can bear partial weight. Centennial’s staff and therapists have made it to Mr. Moses’ “A” list!

-William Moses – COPD Resident at Centennial

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