clinical services

The Right Care and Specialists
to Guide You

At Centennial, we provide a range of specialty care areas run by our knowledgeable and friendly clinical care team, as well as numerous specialists who visit our community so that you can remain comfortable and get the treatment you require at every stage of recovery, without the need to travel.

Our staff has decades of experience and participates in continuing education as well as performance monitoring systems to deliver all of our health and rehabilitation services with the utmost expertise, professionalism and compassion.

Our clinical services include:

  • 24/7 Skilled Nursing Care
  • Post-Surgery Care & Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitaton
  • Cardiac Care
  • Pulmonary Rehab / Onsite Daily Respiratory Therapy
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Dialysis
  • Pain Management
  • IV Management & Therapy
  • Wound Care & Infection Control
  • Diabetes Management
  • Restorative Care
  • Enteral/Parenteral Feeding
  • Nutritional Services
  • Psycho-Social Support
  • Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care
  • Hospice / Palliative Care
  • Respite Care
  • Onsite Lab & Diagnostics
  • Onsite Dental, Podiatry, Audiology & Ophthalmology



Following surgery or illness, Centennial offers the ideal setting for your rehabilitation.


Meticulous Care and Discharge Plan
Centennial prides itself on thorough and extensive discharge planning. Upon admission, our rehab staff coordinates with your physicians and our dedicated team of clinicians to devise an aggressive rehabilitation plan to promote recovery and get you home sooner; but only when you’re ready so that you can remain active and healthy at home.

Our wound specialists are in our facility daily, with a wound doctor performing bedside debridements weekly and monitoring any change in wounds to start antibiotics as needed. Our respiratory therapist is onsite five days a week to oversee our residents with respiratory issues, educate staff, and help prevent rehospitalizations.

We offer a wide selection of specialized health care and clinical services to meet the needs of our diverse community and address any developing health conditions. Further, we work together on each individual patient’s healthcare plan to address each aspect of your care to keep you as healthy and independent as possible.

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