cardiac recovery

From Our Heart to Yours

If you’ve experienced a heart attack or suffer from a heart condition, we’re here to help. With our team at your side to support your cardiac health, you’re not alone. At Centennial, dedicated, holistic care is our specialty.

We have cardiologists and pulmonologists onsite, along with our 24/7 skilled nursing care. Our cardiac recovery team’s approach to your health ensures that everyone is up-to-date with how you’re doing and what you need next.


  • We follow 30-day protocols for heart attacks and other conditions
  • Diagnostics are done onsite to catch early warning signs
  • Our state-of-the-art equipment will support your recovery process
  • Social workers are onsite to support you through your recovery
  • Our holistic approach ensures your other conditions are considered
  • Our in-house dietitian plans individualized, heart-healthy meals
  • Our respiratory therapist is here five days a week to help with
    lung-related heart problems
  • Our patient & family education focuses on lifestyle modification, healthy
    diet and exercise


Our specialized program can accommodate cardiac patients who suffer from arrhythmias, cardiovascular disease and complex heart failure. We have initiated a congestive heart failure prevention program to keep residents with CHF out of the hospital. Our heartfelt dedication to your care gets results: our hospital readmission rate is half the national average!


cardiac recovery

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