January 3, 2019

Happy 100th Birthday May!

Celebrating one’s 100th birthday is a mammoth milestone – and when its Ms. May Adams – you have to pull out all the stops! This December, May enjoyed a gala party surrounded by her loving Centennial family and dear friends from the neighborhood.

Born in Philadelphia a century ago, May’s colorful life spans many states and many eras. She was raised in Florida by her West Indian mother, who made sure to instill some of her Indian spunk in her daughter. She spent years living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where she worked for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company making Camel Cigarettes. Way back when —as she likes to say—before social security even existed, she earned $7.75 a week shaking the tobacco and pulling the stems out. Other jobs she filled over the years included housework, sewing upholstery for living room and dining room sets, and being a nanny. In her later years May returned to live in the North Philly area.

Exuding a vibrant spirit and passion for living, May is fond of dancing (she’s one of Centennnial’s best dancers), chewing gum, pepsi and sewing, to name a few. But smoking has always been a no-no, something her years at R.J. Reynolds taught her to stay far way from. We are blessed to have May with us at Centennial since December 2016. She is currently our oldest resident, and we wish her many more years of health and happiness. The secret to her longevity: Eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Apples, oranges, bananas grapefruits and tangerines are her favorites.
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