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In choosing a healthcare and rehabilitation center you will no doubt consider a number of important factors:  quality of care, location, capacity of the facility to provide the health care services that are required and the overall environment.

You will also want to ascertain the level of satisfaction of residents and their families as well as the recommendations of hospital personnel and physicians. In a recent survey* of the care provided to our residents, the families and residents at Centennial rated Centennial  “excellent” in just about every area surveyed; from the clinical skills of our staff to the warm and caring atmosphere, Centernnial was chosen for their healthcare needs. *2015

Our Commitment to Quality Care
The new Centennial team of healthcare professionals combine decades of experience and knowledge to provide a comprehensive compliment of quality nursing and rehabilitation services.

With an emphasis on quality and compassion, the new team at Centennial is focused on providing professional clinical services to our residents. Continuing education provided to staff and performance monitoring systems insure that the staff at Centennial is knowledgeable, professional and compassionate in carrying out their commitment to each and every resident. Centennial has been recognized by many as the facility of choice for in-patient nursing and rehabilitation services.

To be assured that you or those you love receive the best care available, explore how Centennial Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center can be of assistance to you.

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