February 19, 2019

Spotlight on:

Wound Healing

Expert wound care is integral to the clinical excellence delivered at Centennial Healthcare, and it begins at the time of admission with an assessment for the presence of wounds.

Under the expert guidance of our Director of Nursing Eleanor Bullock and Assistant Director of Nursing Henry Boswell, who are both Wound Care Certified, our wound care nurses coordinate the daily wound treatment of our residents, instituting measures to prevent new wounds and to treat existing wounds. A Wound Care Physician conducts weekly rounds to do bedside debridement and monitor the more complex wounds. To accelerate healing, we have implemented strict wound care protocols and infection control – changing wound dressings frequently to maintain a clean and bacteria-free wound bed. Of utmost importance, we encourage and assist our patients to turn as needed.

Our dietitians play an integral role in our wound care program, as proper nutrition is key to the healing process. They ensure our residents receive the precise nutritional elements they need, and sustain continuous interdisciplinary communication with both the nurses and the lab, as protein values are checked frequently. “We heal wounds quickly here.” – Eleanor Bullock, DON - Certified Wound Nurse
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