December 3, 2019

Up Close with

Resident Evelyn D. Greenlee

When it came to choosing a community that would support her throughout her recovery, Centennial Healthcare made all the difference for Evelyn Greenlee.

Growing up in Georgia, Evelyn took a teaching course in school and worked as a teacher’s assistant, eventually raising two beautiful daughters. She spent some time in Jacksonville, Florida but found the heat taxing on her health and made the switch to Philadelphia to be closer to family. When Evelyn’s health began to deteriorate, she required a pacemaker and time in rehab. However, she was not improving.

Upon a recommendation to her daughter, Evelyn was transferred to Centennial. At first, Evelyn wasn’t able to walk and needed a wheelchair to get around, relying solely on others to do everything for her. When she began therapy, she gradually progressed from one exercise to another as she started to improve and regain her strength and mobility. She practiced folding laundry and hanging things up, relearning to feed herself and using a walker to get around.

Although she no longer needs regular therapy, Evelyn still enjoys restorative care to continue building and maintaining her health. She loves that Centennial has all kinds of activities, music, trips, and a beautiful chapel on-site.

Music is a huge part of who Evelyn is; she was a choir member with her church and loves live entertainment. She regularly sings with the Christmas choir at Centennial and goes to chapel every Sunday she is able, which is much more often these days. With the support of the staff here at Centennial, Evelyn was not only able to regain her strength but also rediscover her passions, and we’re so grateful to have her spend time with us! “I’ve come a long way and I thank the Lord for everything. I wasn’t able to walk or do anything for myself, now I’m doing better and I just love being here!” - Evelyn D. Greenlee
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