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Payment Options
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Centennial participates with Medicare, Medical Assistance, the grant, Medicaid and many insurance plans. The knowledgeable admissions staff at Centennial will assist you in securing the benefits for which you may be eligible. Centennial staff will maintain communication with the insurance company throughout a resident’s stay to ensure maximum allowable coverage and minimum out of pocket cost.


Centennial is a Medicare certified facility. For residents that meet Medicare criteria for coverage, Centennial will bill Medicare for their stay at Centennial. Generally, Medicare allows for a maximum of 100 days of in-patient benefits in a skilled nursing facility such as Centennial, if clinical and eligibility criteria are met. The first 20 days are paid in full by Medicare, and the latter 80 days require a Medicare co-pay. In many instances, secondary insurance policies will pay this co-pay. The Centennial Business Office can bill your secondary insurance directly for all co-pays. The Centennial admissions staff can answer questions you may have regarding your Medicare and co-pay benefits.

The Grant, Medicaid and Medical Assistance

Centennial participates in the grant, Medicaid and Medical Assistance program and accepts current and pending beneficiaries. The experienced admissions staff at Centennial can assist families in navigating the often confusing process involved in securing the grant, Medical Assistance and Medicaid benefits.
Insurance Options
Centennial participates with most area insurance plans. The Centennial admissions and social service staff enjoy a good working relationship with insurance company case managers and maintains ongoing communication with the case manager during a resident’s stay, to ensure that residents benefit from their maximum eligible benefits. This will also allow for an easy transition when discharged to the community. Centennial will work closely with your insurance company to coordinate post discharge care and benefits, to allow for an optimal healing experience.

Centennial participates with many insurance plans, including those listed below. If your insurance plan is not listed below, contact the Centennial Admissions Office at 215.477.1170 to verify participation.

  • Independence Blue Cross
    • AmeriHealth HMO, Inc.
    • AmeriHealth Insurance Company of New Jersey
    • AmeriHealth Administrators, Inc. d/b/a AmeriHealth Administrators
    • Health Care Delaware, Inc.
    • Inter-County Health Plan, Inc.
    • Keystone Health Plan East
    • Keystone Health Systems
    • QCC Insurance Company
    • QCC Insurance Company d/b/a AmeriHealth Insurance Company
    • QCC Insurance Company d/b/a Independence Administrators
  • Aetna
  • Coventry
  • Coventry Cares Medicaid
  • Keystone Mercy now called Keystone First
  • Cigna
  • Gateway
  • Health Partners
  • Aetna Better Health
  • Keystone VIP Choice
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