December 28, 2018

At Your Service!

Meet our Patient Concierges
Khalila and Jamilah

Thoughtfulness. Connection. Caring. Individuals thrive when close connections are forged – and understanding how particularly significant personalized attention is to the convalescent is central to the difference our Patient Concierge Program makes in the lives of our residents.

Centennial’s dynamic Patient Concierge duo, Khalila Little and Jamilah Cann, put everyone at ease. Both CNAs, these two women armed with their spirited personalities and good humor greet every new patient upon admission.

On duty 5 days a week until 9 in the evening, they make frequent bedside visits throughout the day and are ever ready to get a patient anything they need – be it a new item of clothing, their favorite food from a local eatery or the daily paper. Intimately familiar with every patient in the building, as well as their family members, the two are on hand to guide them through any challenging decision, and to make sure everyone is comfortable at all times.

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