Music is a huge part of who Evelyn is; she was a choir member with her church and loves live entertainment. She regularly sings with the Christmas choir at Centennial and goes to chapel every Sunday she is able, which is much more often these days.

With the support of the staff here at Centennial, Evelyn was not only able to regain her strength but also rediscover her passions, and we’re so grateful to have her spend time with us!

“I’ve come a long way and I thank the Lord for everything. I wasn’t able to walk or do anything for myself, now I’m doing better and I just love being here!”
– Evelyn D. Greenlee

What do you love most about being an Respiratory Therapist?

I love the challenges it brings. It gives me a chance to
interact with residents and make a real difference in their lives. You know, many of us take our ability to breathe and speak for granted. Working with others who struggle in these areas gives me renewed appreciation for these tremendous gifts. Being an RT inspired me to become an EMT as well.

What does your role as RT entail?

I do an initial assessment or pre-admission screening to clarify the patient’s diagnosis and needs. I check if they had a tracheostomy, if they require continuous oxygen, CPAP or BiPAP etc. I then recommend a treatment plan that is initiated only after receiving physician approval. And then I am here to make sure treatment is administered properly. Significantly, to help prevent pneumonia I make sure to exercise the lungs with coughing and deep breathing exercises.

Our dietitians play an integral role in our wound care program, as proper nutrition is key to the healing process. They ensure our residents receive the precise nutritional elements they need, and sustain continuous interdisciplinary communication with both the nurses and the lab, as protein values are checked frequently.

“We heal wounds quickly here.”
– Eleanor Bullock, DON – Certified Wound Nurse

Exuding a vibrant spirit and passion for living, May is fond of dancing (she’s one of Centennnial’s best dancers), chewing gum, pepsi and sewing, to name a few. But smoking has always been a no-no, something her years at R.J. Reynolds taught her to stay far way from.

We are blessed to have May with us at Centennial since December 2016. She is currently our oldest resident, and we wish her many more years of health and happiness.

The secret to her longevity: Eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
Apples, oranges, bananas grapefruits and tangerines are her favorites.

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