Overall, the facility and amenities were clean, bright, spacious, and airy. The staff was welcoming, warm, and pleasant. Thank you for taking care of my dad, E. Haley.

My husband and I would like to thank Mercedes for her wonderful attitude and personality with the family and residents. She deserves some type of recognition for who she is and how she represents Centennial Healthcare.

As a retired Nurse and health Care Supervisor, I know a great, caring and wonderful person that exemplifies her duties and just being a caring person. The residents really seem to respond well to her. Thank you Mercedes for such a wonderful experience while visiting my father, Clifford Brown.


Love working for Centennial because of the wisdom that the residents provide on a daily basis. It’s just like having Thanksgiving every day!
The residents need people that care about them, like me in their life. I love to take care of them in the same way as I would want my own mother to be taken care of. I enjoy coming to work to see the smiles on their faces.
The team at Centennial is amazing! Every department works together to help each other. During this crazy time where staffing is bad everywhere, I have never worked with a team like Centennial. We are truly a family of coworkers.
I love the family atmosphere! The residents and staff are like my family. The residents make my day and I love when I can make theirs. Our new activities team is phenomenal!
I love working here because we have become a family. We all are here because we need each other.
They have a very involved activities department that really cares about the residents and their lives.
Staff are very nice and willing to help. Nurses are very knowledgeable about residents and will tell any information needed to care for your residents. So far it’s been a pretty good experience as I am new to the facility.
Working for Centennial has been a great experience so far. I started here in 2019 as a new nurse. From the activities of the residents to the helpfulness from the staff, it really made me feel comfortable there. When I came back from maternity leave, I was offered a desk nurse position which I then got promoted to a unit manager. No place is perfect but this place is a great place for growth and has a friendly staff environment.
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